Popular Picture Framing Trends in Texas

Texas is big and diverse with a vast diversity of culture and styles. At LT Custom Framing I have custom frames that are sure to match any style. I have modernist frames with assorted black gloss and flat paint and simple lines and edges. I also carry more traditional frames that include a wide variety of sizes and wood grains. I will build the custom frame to match your theme and or style. One advantage over the cookie cutter “Hobby” frame shops is I can order any type of frame, style of frame, or color of frame YOU want. With the ever-changing trends it is important to me to continue to offer a variety of choices for both art and picture framing. I can quickly narrow down the size and style of frame you are looking for with my one on one personal approach. When you want down to earth personal picture framing service you can look to me, Lorrie here at LT Custom Framing directly South of Dripping Springs.

As owner I, Lorrie, can help you create a stunning focal point for any room with my selection of colored mat-board and multitude of frames. Picture framing is a subjective art.  I want to help you find that perfect frame to match your home and theme. I can create that special art piece without destroying the continuity of your current room decor.  At LT Custom framing I stay current with the latest popular framing techniques and styles.

I have seen one trend lately that absolutely deserves a mention, 3D mat and frame effects. To achieve this I use a stacking technique that combines different mat board in a configuration to create a depth of field between the art work, background mat and surface mat. I change to highlight of any artwork just by thoughtful selection of mat board color and material. Photographs of this techniques don’t do it justice. Come see some of my recent 3D mat and frame effects at my frame shop in Wimberley. Let me show you what I can do.

With mat boards I have seen a growing trend in the growing size of the mat surrounding art and photographs. A mat that is 4-6 inch with a 2-3 inch moulding is becoming almost a standard with digital and traditional sized photographs. It’s no surprise in Texas since bigger is better. LT Custom Framing is equipped to handle most standard sized art frames. In my frame shop I can accommodate most framing trends. You are going to need the right stuff to hang it on the wall. At LT Custom Framing, I use industrial wall hanging hardware that will ensure your art stays on the wall were it belongs.

Do you have these questions? If so give me a call and let me answer any questions you may have about custom framing.